Phyter is a beneficial micro-fungus treatment used in agriculture to enhance plant health and productivity. It naturally establishes within plant tissues, offering protection against a variety of fungal pathogens. By penetrating the seeds before and after planting, Phyter actively blocks entry by these pathogens, protecting roots, shoots, and stems. It's particularly effective in treating diseases such as ascochyta and anthracnose in crops like legumes, canola, and sunflowers. Phyter not only suppresses the progress of these diseases but also stimulates the plant's natural resistance mechanisms, making it a valuable tool for sustainable farming.

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Nterra is a game-changing organic inoculant that revolutionizes sustainable farming. By harnessing the power of atmospheric nitrogen, Nterra boosts early seedling vigor, enhances root development, and promotes nodulation. This results in healthier, more robust plants and significantly increased crop yields. In trials, Nterra-treated crops saw yield increases of up to 25%, and lettuce harvests were expedited by 4-5 days. Versatile in its application, Nterra can be applied directly to seeds, in furrow, or as a foliar spray, and is compatible with other organic products and treatments. With Nterra, farmers can achieve superior crop performance while adhering to organic farming principles, making it a win-win for productivity and sustainability.

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