Phyter is a line of products formulated with a naturally occurring plant biostimulant. The Phyter product line is designed to reduce plant stress. Treated crops may benefit from better nutrient uptake.  Treated crops are often less prone to pest infestations. Phyter may reduce the need for chemical pesticides.

Phyter is a nature-based technology that is entirely compatible with responsible environmental stewardship. 

The Phyter line of products is proven to be one of the most capable, plant inoculants available, finally offering growers a realistic and innovative solution for a growing demand for healthier, safer crops. The active organism in the Phyter product line each contain large numbers of a unique and specially selected strain of Clonostachys rosea. This kind of fungus is naturally present in many plants and soils around the world. 

The Phyter products are plant inoculants formulated with the beneficial endophyte*  Clonostachys rosea which:

  • Rapidly establishes inside plant tissues and forms a symbiotic relationship with the plant.

  • Enhances nutrient uptake and improves overall plant nutrition
  • The improved nutrition combined with other natural plant-endophyte interactions increases the ability of plants to tolerate stresses resulting from harsh environmental conditions such as drought, disease, extreme temperatures, and chemical and microbial pollutants.

  • Besides environmental stresses, the endophyte commonly induces systemic and natural resistance of plants to disease. 

*Endophyte is a term that refers to fungi that can establish beneficially inside leaves, stems, flowers and other parts of plants.                                                                                                 .

Phomopsis, Fusarium, Pythium, and Sclerotinia can be devastating to a field.  Phyter strengthens plants, which reduces stress. 

Soy Plot Trial 2016.  EPH Treated in foreground.  Conventional Methods in Background